3 simple ways agencies can maximise client content

Right now, communications agencies are on a constant hunt for content to push out on behalf of their clients.  

Social media is a beast, and filling those content schedules with valuable and meaningful content can be a tough task, especially when it comes to the end of the month when results are counted up and delivered to clients.  

PR, marketing and marketing communications agencies are fighting a constant battle for content and quite often when working with clients who would rather not be harassed to support in the creation of content on a daily or weekly basis.

Here are three easy tips for agencies to maximise their minutes with clients, while bulking out retainer hours and supporting this all-important social results at the end of the month.

  1. Interview off-cuts

From my experience in shooting video with communications agencies, you are quite often trying to fill a 60-90 second highlight reel with a few meaningful key points and some engaging ‘B-roll’.  However, if you’re shooting for an hour or more on location, you’re more often than not left with a good number of interview off-cuts that could be repurposed.

This is the equivalent of eating yesterday’s dinner leftovers for lunch!  Take those slightly rough interview clips, and providing they say something different from the original video, repurpose them into some very simple edits.  You’ll get maybe another two or three pieces of social content you can use afterwards.  The process isn’t too time consuming, but will help bulk out an hour or two of your retainer hours too, and importantly provide content of value to their audience.

2. Social optimised quote graphics

Now you’ve got your main polished video, and a few interview off-cuts planned in, be aware that your whole audience won’t want to consume video.  People have preferences, and its good to remember that when pushing out your content.  So, take some quotes down from your interviews.  Pull out the key points and start converting those into 1:1 square (1080×1080 pixels is ideal) static or animated graphics.

If you have a designer working alongside your videographer, then get them to look at this, but even if your on a tight budget, Canva – when used right (and I stress… when used right) can provide good-looking graphics like this.  You could end up with another 5-10 graphics to push out that week.

3. Compile all your audio clips

This is particularly good for opinion-based content.  If you’ve asked 4-5 questions of 2-3 interviewees, you’ve probably got something decent you can pull together.  Edit these as audio clips, interspersed with some music and you’ve got yourself a podcast.

This can be massive for your client events, especially where you’ve got speakers on video summarising their key points.  Setting up a podcast is simple with Anchor, and distribution is automatic once it’s all set up.  Maximise your retainer hours, and reach with another avenue to get across the same message to a new section of your audience.

There you have it, these are simple, and might only take you 2-3 hours of work, but you’re able to push your client’s message out to a wider audience, show that your thinking outside the box and make sure you’re hitting those hours every month.

What do you think?

If you’d like to talk about making the most of the content your agency is creating you can do one of these three things.

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Alastair  Luke

Alastair Luke

Alastair Luke is founder of ATTNx. He creates blogs, video, graphics and audio content mostly on marketing and content creation for businesses and how to gain attention for brands in a busy social media age. He lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

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