ATTNx Social Media Content

We’ve never had so many ways to connect with and engage customers and prospects, yet it has never been more difficult to attract and hold their attention.

There are 60 billion digital messages sent globally every day, it’s no wonder the vast majority get lost in the shuffle.

ATTNx is here to make sure yours don’t. Carefully crafted with attention-led ideation, design, animation and video production, your content will help you to grow your audience, find new customers and make your business first in mind when those vital buying decisions are being made.

The CONTENTx Method

Easily and consistently fill all your channels with valuable content at scale.

ATTNx works to give you and your audience maximum value from your content through the CONTENTx method.

We can turn one piece of content into literally dozens, giving value to your audience for days or even weeks. For example we can turn one video into a podcast, a series of memes, a blog, an Instagram Story, and even a number of animated GIFs.

This allows you to fill your social calendar with valuable content that works for your audience.

Social Campaign Design

Build a bank of quality, authentic social content that gets eyes on your feed.

Years of creating and testing social content gives ATTNx the edge on what works and what doesn’t.  With the flexibility to create engaging content in all formats, ATTNx is not bound to just one platform, style or medium.

Experienced in creating social media video, animated social content, high-quality branded social media graphics and templates, ATTNx will support your social media campaign with top quality attention-led content.

St. Valentine’s Day animated graphic
created for Fisherman’s Friend