ATTNx Video & Animation

The (new) 3 second rule

Video content is without doubt the most impactful form of content today, but in reality you’ve got just 3 seconds to land the attention of your viewer before they’re watching cat videos.

Viewers are distracted and overloaded with massive amounts of content. That is why you need video that is specially designed to get the attention of viewers and hold it while you get your message across.

People aren’t sitting in their living rooms watching only your video. They’re sitting on buses, they’re walking down the street, they’ve got children asking when the dinner’s ready.

Together, we’re able to craft your video content to fight these distractions and secure more views for your content.

ATTNx Video Production

ATTNx takes a structured approach in video content and design.  This involves following the viewer journey from those first three seconds that grab the viewer’s attention to guiding them through the next phases to help you secure more views.

Experienced in creating video content with start-ups, corporates and charities, ATTNx delivers exceptional content including.

  • Sports event video
  • Charity fundraiser video
  • Corporate event video
  • News release video
  • Company announcement video
  • Product explainer video
  • Company launch video
  • Event launch video
  • Fun social content video
  • Q&A video
  • Business advice video
  • Instructional video
  • Estate agent sales video

Workshore Co-working Day event highlights video

ATTNx Animated Content

Sometimes video isn’t all about getting the right shot, it’s combining the best of graphics, designs, branding and other content to create attention grabbing animations.

Conveying complicated products or services is often best illustrated in short animated video content. As the battle for attention rages on social media, animation is a key element to spicing up your content and keeping your audience engaged.

  • Product explainer video
  • Service explainer video
  • Voice over animation
  • Animated social media content
  • Motion graphics
  • Animated video marketing

Animated explainer video for Fetch Ireland