Taxi Driver to Software Developer

A Workplus apprenticeship redefines work and education.

Growing sectors need new talent, fast. With a Workplus Apprenticeship, employers get bright, focussed and ambitious people. Workplus Apprentices get real jobs, good pay and access to training and professional networks that will transform their lives. 

In these Workplus apprentice testimonials, Kombo Chirimanzi tells his story of a career change from a taxi driver to software developer. Also Olivia Millar speaks about going from Deputy Head Girl in her school to working with one of Northern Ireland’s most exciting tech start-ups.

Alastair  Luke

Alastair Luke

Alastair Luke is founder of ATTNx. He creates blogs, video, graphics and audio content mostly on marketing and content creation for businesses and how to gain attention for brands in a busy social media age. He lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.