ATTNx Video

Tell your business story, connect with your customers and impact your bottom line with ATTNx video.

ATTNx is experienced at creating impactful video that actually works. Combining our experience in video, design and branding, we are able to create branded video content that is targeted at your customer and will attract and hold their attention.

ATTNx Video Production

ATTNx takes a structured approach in video content and design.  This involves following the viewer journey from those first three seconds that grab the viewer’s attention to guiding them through the next phases to help you secure more views.

Experienced in creating video content with start-ups, corporates and charities, ATTNx delivers exceptional content including.

  • Sports event video
  • Charity fundraiser video
  • Corporate event video
  • News release video
  • Company announcement video
  • Product explainer video
  • Company launch video
  • Event launch video
  • Fun social content video
  • Q&A video
  • Business advice video
  • Instructional video
  • Estate agent sales video