Helping Young Enterprise tackle public funding cuts

I’ve created hundreds of videos with ATTNx, but this might just be the most important. 

47,000 future entrepreneurs will miss out on a Young Enterprise experience when school starts back in September because of Northern Ireland public funding cuts.

These future entrepreneurs are tasked with leading Northern Ireland from peace to prosperity. They will create jobs, they will innovate, and they will lead Northern Ireland’s future.

We must invest in them today, to ensure they are skilled, inspired and ready to fulfil their potential.

From just £50 per month, local companies can become Business Backers, supporting anywhere from 5 future entrepreneurs every month.

Here, Young Enterprise chief executive Carol Fitzsimons, speaks to business owners about how they can help.

Alastair  Luke

Alastair Luke

Alastair Luke is founder of ATTNx. He creates blogs, video, graphics and audio content mostly on marketing and content creation for businesses and how to gain attention for brands in a busy social media age. He lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.